The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief : Exclusive Collector's Edition - Markus Zusak



Read in the space of a day


This book is WAY different then what I normally gravitate to, which is Horror and paranormal books. But I read other stuff too. 


When I saw the trailer for the movie, it looked interesting and i wanted to see it. But since its from a book, I wanted to read that first. My neighbor lent me her book. That was a few months ago. Later in the day towards night yesterday, I picked it up and started reading it. I had a hard time putting it down! I read over 470 pgs in less then 12 hrs. Finally putting it down 'cause it was getting really late and I was tired. Finished it today. I had to read the rest of it! 


I've seen good and bad reviews about this book. I only make up my mind about a book after I read it, I don't listen to critiques! I also don't ''NOT'' read just because it fits in a particular genre. I Heard this book is YA. And I know some ppl criticize the YA genre as not being good. I'm 40 and I say a book is a book. Just because a book is labeled "YA" doesn't mean I'm gonna stay away because I'm not a teen. I like what I like. I like stories and this book was a great story! 


Set in the WW2 era. It centers around a young girl and the lives around her in the early 1940s in Nazi Germany. She develops a love for books and words! She comes to a strange town when only 10 to live with foster parents, losing her younger brother along the way. She meets interesting characters on himmel st. living with her foster parents. Wanting to learn to read, then when she does she's hooked on books and words! She makes friends, a boy named Rudy in particular. And grows up in a dangerous time. 


This book is also narrated by Death - the grim reaper! An interesting way to write a story! Death also see things like we don't think of them. Death talks throughout the book, sometimes saying what's gonna happen even though we didn't get that far in the story yet. So because of that parts of the mystery of certain things to come in the story vanish then. But its really how everything plays out thats the heart of the book. That's not to say there aren't any surprises, there are! 


Its a fascinating story that has lots of parts to it: its emotional for sure on many levels, friendship, growing up, family matters and cares, the dangers of the world war, loss, the horrors of being Jewish - like with the character Max, also what books can give you - an escape plus a love of books & stories! 


When she starts to learn to read she's hungry for more books with all those words in them! She finds joy and escapism in books! I sure found an escape when reading this! And the beginning part of the book when she's learning to read gave me a nice calmness/relaxed emotion. Especially when she's reading and learning in their basement. I can't explain why I felt what I felt then, I just did. Its also a calmness in her life at that point. Sure she had loss before that, but it was a good time... What was gonna happen didn't yet. 


This book is really sad too, especially at the end. I'm not posting any spoilers here. Just a basic review with my feelings. 

Some ppl may be put off by the length of this book. But for me at least it was a fast read! Very interesting and compelling!