The Photograph short story by Michael Sutherland

The Photograph - Michael  Sutherland

Short review of this eBook short story. 


um, it was ok. I think it could of been better. it was an interesting concept for a story! I thought it was gonna go in another direction. but that's not the reason for my rating. for some reason I couldn't get into this story all that much. I kept reading cause I wanted to see how it ended, it is a short story after all. most of this story to me just felt like the guy was trying to figure out what to do with the envelope and what to do with what's inside. I don't hate the story. it was just ...okay and I gave it an extra star for the story concept. maybe its just me but I felt like something was missing. But those who read this should make up your own mind about it. This review is only what I felt.


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