To Read Or Not To Read by Vincent Hobbes ... & why i love used book stores!

To Read or Not to Read - Vincent Hobbes

This short story was a bit longer then the other short story I read of his today, and I'm glad! I loved it! I didn't want this to end! Plus its one of those flash fiction stories where you'd LOVE to have a full length novel made of it! Its excellent as it is, but I'd love to find out more of that book shop owner and his customers! 


Anyway, this tale is about a woman that finds a unique book store and meets the unique owner! This story puts a new meaning in getting into a book! 


She was only there to kill some time before picking up her kids. And the whole thing made me think of another reviewer that said they didn't understand ppl that go into bookstores to just kill time and not buy anything. 

That's true if u have money. I definitely would buy something in a bookstore I was walking around in if I had the cash. I also find used bookshops fascinating! I haven't been to many because there's not many used book shops by me. I've only been to one in the flea market but that's gone now. Only big chain book stores are around. And that's a shame!


That's another thing the woman says in the book. She only goes to big chain bookstores. I don't get ppl like that. I would rather go to a mom and pop bookstore more then the mega chains! Old bookstores with used books even more so! I just love the atmosphere of that! 


Anyway I loved this book! I also love the concept of it! 

Definetly in the horror/fantasy category! 


Great ending as well!