The Hour Of The Time by Vincent Hobbes ... & a bit about why i love Flash Fiction stories

The Hour of the Time - Vincent Hobbes

This is the 2nd of three short story books by him I read this year since getting the kindle app. The first being They, which was a great introduction to his work I read like a few months ago. 


This book and the 3rd short story book To Read Or Not To Read, I read today. The latter I'm writing a review for after this one. 


The Hour Of The Time follows a friendless and hopeless guy as he responds to his summons. He hates to be late for anything, and rarely is. But this time he should of not even bothered to rush to get there on time! Or go!


There's a twist to the end of this story. And being this is like around 15 pages long, saying anymore would pretty much spoil the story. 


The other two of his I read I do like better, but this was a good story! It made me curious about this guys fate! 


I love short stories and really short stories such as these (called flash fiction stories). Some may not really call them books because of their length. But I call them books! They're great when either you wanna read something but you don't have a lot of time, and also when you feel like reading something but don't feel like reading a full novel (300-500pg or more). 


I also like flash fiction stories because you can tell when one of them would make an interesting novel! Some though I think need a little more detail to get fully immersed into the story. im not sure about this one though. I like it the way it is. At first I thought it could of used a bit more detail to the story. But now, I wouldn't change a thing! 


Fun story!