The Wreck of The Titan - eerie Titanic Warning!

Futility, Or The Wreck of the Titan - Morgan Robertson

I read this a week ago and loved the book! I meant to read this for a long time, but it wasn't til recently I was able to through kindle app. They have a free copy there. Different cover. 


This book was written before 1900 and over a decade before the titanic disaster. I was blown away by the first chapter! Its very eerie reading the book and thinking what happened yrs later to another ship under similar name and under similar circumstances! When someone starts reading the book, if they know something about the real titanic disaster it will have them hooked in awe and wonder! 


In this short book - lil over 90 pgs - u read about the Titan, a sailor, a couple w/a kid, a relationship there of sorts, corruption, secrets, and survival. But don't think this is another love story like the movie Titanic by Cameron. Its not and I'm glad. 


Its a really good book even for ppl who don't know much of the titanic disaster. 


I'm not gonna give story details away. But let me say I really felt for that sailor going through all he did! 


I'd recommend it to anyone! 


Great book with eerie similarities to the Titanic! 


And I read this in two hrs! :-)