Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre - Bronte charlotte

Just finished reading this! And my 1st time too! Recommended by a friend! And I'm so glad she did! This type of book is not like the type of books I normally read: horror - paranormal - ghosts - SciFi , things like that! As far as classics I read stuff by Poe and Lovecraft. Classics like that but not classics like Jane Eyre. It gives me a new appreciation for classics and because of this book I'll now look for more classics of this type and look forward to them! This book had that profound affect on me! 


The characters and story are written so well you get deep into the characters lives and all the emotions that go with that! Because when you read this book you will be feeling the emotions as well! It is an emotional book that you can sink your teeth into! This is not chick-lit fluff by any means for ppl that might come across this and without reading it may think that. 


Its Gothic, tragic, emotional, love, strength, thrilling too and mysterious! I'm not the type of person that gives away spoilers. And I'm glad I knew nothing of the book when I read it. And for those that want to read this and haven't, DONT READ SPOILER COMMENTS JUST READ THE BOOK! Trust me on this! Cause you will experience the book better without knowing it! You'll be on the roller coaster ride of your life! You don't need nothing to spoil the journey you and Jane will be on!


Jane is a strong character for sure! The book takes you through her life like I never seen! Its a very detailed book, but not overly detailed. Its detailed in a away that brings you into each scene and moment and keeps you there! You feel each moment and feel for Jane! Every character is also written with great depth! 


This is my first time reading a book by Charlotte Bronte and it won't be the last! I thanked my friend for recommending this to me. It opened me up to another world/genre of books! 


If its your first time reading it your in for a treat! And if you haven't read books like this before get ready for a great experience and change of genre! 


Excellent book I'd recommend to anyone!