Goodreads Devotee & Now BookLikes Newbie!

I 1st heard of this site this week from a friend of mine that heard about it and will join here soon as well. From the moment I saw the site a few days ago I knew I was gonna love it! Its like Goodreads but with blogging. I LOVE READING & I LOVE BLOGGING! Its like the perfect marriage!


I tried to for the past few days to import my books into here by the .CSV file they said to do. Every time I tried it kept saying here please load a valid file. That's what I was trying to do. Its not hard, the instructions are clear enough. I don't know why it kept saying that. I was doing the export/import on my Tablet. I don't have a PC. I was able to get the file on my tablet in officesuite and put it in import slot here. It just wouldn't acknowledge the file here. I don't get why! 


Yesterday I decided since I'm doing the reading challenge here as well, I might as well manually add the books I read so far this year (&that are also included in my reading challenge in goodreads as well). It was only 24(I'm doing 100 for the challenge), it take take awhile to do that just cause my WiFi connection isn't that great. All those books I read this month.


I did write some reviews for some books I read that I had in goodreads. I was planning to copy and paste the reviews along with my star ratings. But I noticed that's a separate button here. I'm assuming writing a review is actually doing a blog for each book. I decided to hold off on that. At least for now. Since I'm here now and up to date - in a way - I figured I would start my book blogging here with the next book I read ( I also love the connect to goodreads feature! ) I'm also curious if the blog/review for the books also gets posted as well as star ratings, read/currently reading/to read. I guess I'll find out soon. I'm planning to read more of the short horror stories I have waiting in my kindle app( bad eye strain had to stop my reading for awhile ). 


Hope to post here soon!


Great site! I know its gonna be my new favorite home! ^_^