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I like horror and paranormal/ghost stories books, hence my blog's name. But I like other genres as well! I also love short stories! A friend is getting me more into literary classics. I have read stuff like by Poe and Lovecraft before of course, but she's getting me into the classics that aren't of the horror category, I also will read books that I have only seen the movies of. In the past I never thought of reading the books if I could watch the films. But films can be limiting. Books give you a more richer vivid expanding experience!


My real name is AnnMarie. I live on Long Island, NY I'm 40, have a dog that's at times a handful :) Besides reading I have a passion for other things like cooking, classic films(that includes silent films!), music lover, amateur photographer(I love snapping pix of the world around me), gamer, blogging my thoughts, also I believe in the paranormal! And alot more I know I'm forgetting right now...

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief : Exclusive Collector's Edition - Markus Zusak



Read in the space of a day


This book is WAY different then what I normally gravitate to, which is Horror and paranormal books. But I read other stuff too. 


When I saw the trailer for the movie, it looked interesting and i wanted to see it. But since its from a book, I wanted to read that first. My neighbor lent me her book. That was a few months ago. Later in the day towards night yesterday, I picked it up and started reading it. I had a hard time putting it down! I read over 470 pgs in less then 12 hrs. Finally putting it down 'cause it was getting really late and I was tired. Finished it today. I had to read the rest of it! 


I've seen good and bad reviews about this book. I only make up my mind about a book after I read it, I don't listen to critiques! I also don't ''NOT'' read just because it fits in a particular genre. I Heard this book is YA. And I know some ppl criticize the YA genre as not being good. I'm 40 and I say a book is a book. Just because a book is labeled "YA" doesn't mean I'm gonna stay away because I'm not a teen. I like what I like. I like stories and this book was a great story! 


Set in the WW2 era. It centers around a young girl and the lives around her in the early 1940s in Nazi Germany. She develops a love for books and words! She comes to a strange town when only 10 to live with foster parents, losing her younger brother along the way. She meets interesting characters on himmel st. living with her foster parents. Wanting to learn to read, then when she does she's hooked on books and words! She makes friends, a boy named Rudy in particular. And grows up in a dangerous time. 


This book is also narrated by Death - the grim reaper! An interesting way to write a story! Death also see things like we don't think of them. Death talks throughout the book, sometimes saying what's gonna happen even though we didn't get that far in the story yet. So because of that parts of the mystery of certain things to come in the story vanish then. But its really how everything plays out thats the heart of the book. That's not to say there aren't any surprises, there are! 


Its a fascinating story that has lots of parts to it: its emotional for sure on many levels, friendship, growing up, family matters and cares, the dangers of the world war, loss, the horrors of being Jewish - like with the character Max, also what books can give you - an escape plus a love of books & stories! 


When she starts to learn to read she's hungry for more books with all those words in them! She finds joy and escapism in books! I sure found an escape when reading this! And the beginning part of the book when she's learning to read gave me a nice calmness/relaxed emotion. Especially when she's reading and learning in their basement. I can't explain why I felt what I felt then, I just did. Its also a calmness in her life at that point. Sure she had loss before that, but it was a good time... What was gonna happen didn't yet. 


This book is really sad too, especially at the end. I'm not posting any spoilers here. Just a basic review with my feelings. 

Some ppl may be put off by the length of this book. But for me at least it was a fast read! Very interesting and compelling! 




The Photograph short story by Michael Sutherland

The Photograph - Michael  Sutherland

Short review of this eBook short story. 


um, it was ok. I think it could of been better. it was an interesting concept for a story! I thought it was gonna go in another direction. but that's not the reason for my rating. for some reason I couldn't get into this story all that much. I kept reading cause I wanted to see how it ended, it is a short story after all. most of this story to me just felt like the guy was trying to figure out what to do with the envelope and what to do with what's inside. I don't hate the story. it was just ...okay and I gave it an extra star for the story concept. maybe its just me but I felt like something was missing. But those who read this should make up your own mind about it. This review is only what I felt.


Got free on Amazon for Kindle app.

To Read Or Not To Read by Vincent Hobbes ... & why i love used book stores!

To Read or Not to Read - Vincent Hobbes

This short story was a bit longer then the other short story I read of his today, and I'm glad! I loved it! I didn't want this to end! Plus its one of those flash fiction stories where you'd LOVE to have a full length novel made of it! Its excellent as it is, but I'd love to find out more of that book shop owner and his customers! 


Anyway, this tale is about a woman that finds a unique book store and meets the unique owner! This story puts a new meaning in getting into a book! 


She was only there to kill some time before picking up her kids. And the whole thing made me think of another reviewer that said they didn't understand ppl that go into bookstores to just kill time and not buy anything. 

That's true if u have money. I definitely would buy something in a bookstore I was walking around in if I had the cash. I also find used bookshops fascinating! I haven't been to many because there's not many used book shops by me. I've only been to one in the flea market but that's gone now. Only big chain book stores are around. And that's a shame!


That's another thing the woman says in the book. She only goes to big chain bookstores. I don't get ppl like that. I would rather go to a mom and pop bookstore more then the mega chains! Old bookstores with used books even more so! I just love the atmosphere of that! 


Anyway I loved this book! I also love the concept of it! 

Definetly in the horror/fantasy category! 


Great ending as well! 

The Hour Of The Time by Vincent Hobbes ... & a bit about why i love Flash Fiction stories

The Hour of the Time - Vincent Hobbes

This is the 2nd of three short story books by him I read this year since getting the kindle app. The first being They, which was a great introduction to his work I read like a few months ago. 


This book and the 3rd short story book To Read Or Not To Read, I read today. The latter I'm writing a review for after this one. 


The Hour Of The Time follows a friendless and hopeless guy as he responds to his summons. He hates to be late for anything, and rarely is. But this time he should of not even bothered to rush to get there on time! Or go!


There's a twist to the end of this story. And being this is like around 15 pages long, saying anymore would pretty much spoil the story. 


The other two of his I read I do like better, but this was a good story! It made me curious about this guys fate! 


I love short stories and really short stories such as these (called flash fiction stories). Some may not really call them books because of their length. But I call them books! They're great when either you wanna read something but you don't have a lot of time, and also when you feel like reading something but don't feel like reading a full novel (300-500pg or more). 


I also like flash fiction stories because you can tell when one of them would make an interesting novel! Some though I think need a little more detail to get fully immersed into the story. im not sure about this one though. I like it the way it is. At first I thought it could of used a bit more detail to the story. But now, I wouldn't change a thing! 


Fun story! 





The Wreck of The Titan - eerie Titanic Warning!

Futility, Or The Wreck of the Titan - Morgan Robertson

I read this a week ago and loved the book! I meant to read this for a long time, but it wasn't til recently I was able to through kindle app. They have a free copy there. Different cover. 


This book was written before 1900 and over a decade before the titanic disaster. I was blown away by the first chapter! Its very eerie reading the book and thinking what happened yrs later to another ship under similar name and under similar circumstances! When someone starts reading the book, if they know something about the real titanic disaster it will have them hooked in awe and wonder! 


In this short book - lil over 90 pgs - u read about the Titan, a sailor, a couple w/a kid, a relationship there of sorts, corruption, secrets, and survival. But don't think this is another love story like the movie Titanic by Cameron. Its not and I'm glad. 


Its a really good book even for ppl who don't know much of the titanic disaster. 


I'm not gonna give story details away. But let me say I really felt for that sailor going through all he did! 


I'd recommend it to anyone! 


Great book with eerie similarities to the Titanic! 


And I read this in two hrs! :-)

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Apparently I'll be Eaten, by Lucille Ball, While Trying to Run Away!  lol :)


This was fun! But those who have an R in your last name are out of luck. The creator didn't include an r. 


I do love creations like this! It was surprising to see Lucy on there :-)  I love her! So its a lil disconcerting that her zombie corpse would run after me and eat me! ;D


As for horror movies, I love classic horror movies up to and through the 1960s. I'm not a current movie horror fan cause I can't take gore! I do love reading horror novels! And the gorier and scarier the better!  funny but true :-) 



Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre - Bronte charlotte

Just finished reading this! And my 1st time too! Recommended by a friend! And I'm so glad she did! This type of book is not like the type of books I normally read: horror - paranormal - ghosts - SciFi , things like that! As far as classics I read stuff by Poe and Lovecraft. Classics like that but not classics like Jane Eyre. It gives me a new appreciation for classics and because of this book I'll now look for more classics of this type and look forward to them! This book had that profound affect on me! 


The characters and story are written so well you get deep into the characters lives and all the emotions that go with that! Because when you read this book you will be feeling the emotions as well! It is an emotional book that you can sink your teeth into! This is not chick-lit fluff by any means for ppl that might come across this and without reading it may think that. 


Its Gothic, tragic, emotional, love, strength, thrilling too and mysterious! I'm not the type of person that gives away spoilers. And I'm glad I knew nothing of the book when I read it. And for those that want to read this and haven't, DONT READ SPOILER COMMENTS JUST READ THE BOOK! Trust me on this! Cause you will experience the book better without knowing it! You'll be on the roller coaster ride of your life! You don't need nothing to spoil the journey you and Jane will be on!


Jane is a strong character for sure! The book takes you through her life like I never seen! Its a very detailed book, but not overly detailed. Its detailed in a away that brings you into each scene and moment and keeps you there! You feel each moment and feel for Jane! Every character is also written with great depth! 


This is my first time reading a book by Charlotte Bronte and it won't be the last! I thanked my friend for recommending this to me. It opened me up to another world/genre of books! 


If its your first time reading it your in for a treat! And if you haven't read books like this before get ready for a great experience and change of genre! 


Excellent book I'd recommend to anyone!   

Goodreads Devotee & Now BookLikes Newbie!

I 1st heard of this site this week from a friend of mine that heard about it and will join here soon as well. From the moment I saw the site a few days ago I knew I was gonna love it! Its like Goodreads but with blogging. I LOVE READING & I LOVE BLOGGING! Its like the perfect marriage!


I tried to for the past few days to import my books into here by the .CSV file they said to do. Every time I tried it kept saying here please load a valid file. That's what I was trying to do. Its not hard, the instructions are clear enough. I don't know why it kept saying that. I was doing the export/import on my Tablet. I don't have a PC. I was able to get the file on my tablet in officesuite and put it in import slot here. It just wouldn't acknowledge the file here. I don't get why! 


Yesterday I decided since I'm doing the reading challenge here as well, I might as well manually add the books I read so far this year (&that are also included in my reading challenge in goodreads as well). It was only 24(I'm doing 100 for the challenge), it take take awhile to do that just cause my WiFi connection isn't that great. All those books I read this month.


I did write some reviews for some books I read that I had in goodreads. I was planning to copy and paste the reviews along with my star ratings. But I noticed that's a separate button here. I'm assuming writing a review is actually doing a blog for each book. I decided to hold off on that. At least for now. Since I'm here now and up to date - in a way - I figured I would start my book blogging here with the next book I read ( I also love the connect to goodreads feature! ) I'm also curious if the blog/review for the books also gets posted as well as star ratings, read/currently reading/to read. I guess I'll find out soon. I'm planning to read more of the short horror stories I have waiting in my kindle app( bad eye strain had to stop my reading for awhile ). 


Hope to post here soon!


Great site! I know its gonna be my new favorite home! ^_^